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Adhesive Entrance Mats

PolyTack® Entrance Mat

PolyTack® Entrance Mat

Made from an incinerable polyethylene film, removes foot borne particulate before entering the cleanroom area.
  • Seamless, one-piece construction
  • Numbered tabs for easy sheet separation and identification
  • Easy mobility for carts and wheeled machinery
  • Anti-microbial agent to protect against bacterial growth
  • Available in 4 colours – blue, white, grey or clear
  • Full adhesive backing
  • Packed 30 sheets/mat, 4 mats/case

Code Description

31-745 Blue, 18x45"

31-845 White, 18x45"

31-945 Grey, 18x45"

31-746 Blue, 24x36"

31-846 White, 24x36"

31-946 Grey, 24x36"

31-747 Blue, 36x36"

31-847 White, 36x36"

31-947 Grey, 36x36"

31-748 Blue, 36x45"

31-848 White, 36x45"

31-948 Grey, 36x45"

31-749 Blue, 26x45"

31-849 White, 26x45"

31-949 Grey, 26x45"

Other sizes are available. Please contact the Cravenmount sales department for details.

PolyTack® Entrance Mat