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Chemo Gloves

Dermagrip® Sterile High Chemo Examination Gloves

Dermagrip® Sterile High Chemo Examination Gloves

Specially designed to provide extra protection when preparing or administering antineoplastic drugs or handling chemotherapy waste for disposal. The gloves are widely used by pharmacists who prepare chemotherapy and have been tested for resistance to permeation by commonly used chemotherapy drugs.

  • Powder-free
  • Extra Thick
  • Hand-specific
  • Available Sterile (by gamma irradiation) and non-sterile in these sizes
  • Small Size 6.5, Medium Size 7.5, Large Size 8.5 Extra Large Size 9.0
  • Made from natural rubber latex, in compliance with ISO2004
  • Sterile Gloves are packed 1 pair per inner wrap, 1 inner wrap per pouch, 25 pouches per dispenser, 4 dispensers per carton, 100 pairs per case

  • Supplied per case

Code Description

75-999 D 3165-19 Small Size 6.5

75-999 D 3175-19 Medium Size 7.5

75-999 D 3185-19 Large Size 8.5

75-999 D 3190-19 Extra Large Size 9.0